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Heirloom Hour - Episode 7

Visit the wonder and fantasy that is held within the work of Megan Kunst. Her work mixes fresh, light visual themes with the complex undertones of anxiety. How does it make you feel? Check it out and see. 

Visit Megan's website to see more of her work: 


Heirloom Hour - Episode 6

Experience the sculptural masterpieces of Shawn Kemp. From algorithm to reality, his use of color, depth and form truly entice and inspire the mind. You won't want to miss this experience!

To see Shawn's latest work visit his website: https://upspireart.com/

Heirloom Hour - Episode 5

Kate & Ashley were honored to host Jennifer Moore for the month of June, 2021. She brought a wonderful take the traditional charcoal art style to the  the gallery!


To experience more work by Jennifer Moore, visit her website https://jlhm.crevado.com/

Heirloom Hour - Episode 4

The hostesses of Heirloom Hour, Kate & Ashley,  were privileged to have the work of Chris Schneider in their gallery for the month of May. Chris's work will make you open your eyes to the world around you and have you taking a closer look at things you once overlooked.


If you want to see more of Chris's work, check out his website: chsch.info

Heirloom Hour - Episode 3

Kate & Ashley were thrilled to have the artwork of Kim Norton in our gallery! Her combination of color and purpose create a marvelous visual experience for the viewer. In her interview Kim touches on some key issues that  artists struggle with every day, and how important it is for us to see and understand them and their condition before it's too late. You can see more of Kim's work on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KimCatheyNorton

Heirloom Hour - Episode 2

Kate & Ashley are excited to share the visual stylings of Matt LaCross! His dual show displays both black and white photography AND single line ink drawings. Matt is constantly uploading more pieces, you can find them on his Instagram: @lacross_visual_arts

Heirloom Hour - Episode 1

Kate & Ashley explore the work of Karen Johanson. Her work in Cyanotype is very unique, expressive and fluid. She speaks about her style, inspiration AND MORE in her socially distanced interview! You can view all this work and more on her website: www.karenjohansonart.com


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