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Artist Member Bios

Carla Gramlich


I was born and raised in Ohio.  My parents exposed their five children to art, history and the theater from a very young age. In High School, I got involved with photography and received my first 35mm camera for Christmas. I was an intern in an industrial photography/TV studio during my senior year of High School. Following graduation, I moved to Portland, Oregon and worked for a couple of years in a photo-processing lab while attending a technical school. I was hired by AT&T and spent the last 30 years working as a Network Specialist in Seattle and Tacoma.

A few years ago, I got serious and purchased a DSLR and have been spending my free time working on my photography. I belong to several local photography groups and have had photos in the Puyallup Fair and
several local art shows. I have improved my skills by taking workshops and classes in composition and photography software plus taking lots of pictures. Recently, I was able to retire and plan on spending more time on my photography plus traveling.

I try to document everyday items in a new light.  Some of my photos are from my neighborhood and others are taken while traveling.

Hadiya Finley


My main focus is the female figure. I have studied and worked to develop an

innate sense of the body's form in order to make figures from the inside out.
They are meant as an expression of women’s feelings; what it is like to have
a body that is capable of motion and activity. They are coupled with objects
that may impart associations or even a strange feeling. They may quietly gaze back at the viewer, perhaps even to be disquieting. They are made with
simplicity of form, softening of edges, joints and surfaces. Forms are combined and integrated. Soft shadows and rounded forms predominate. Exaggerated form, altered relationships and integrated texture are used to show women as strong, powerful and tender beings who use their bodies as a means of expression. I work in clay, paper, resin and metal often combining materials.

Jennifer Moore

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Jennifer developed her charcoal drawing skills while earning her BFA in Interior Architecture and Design from our nation's oldest continuously degree-granting college of art and design; Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. She uses a modified eraser lift technique which she combines with her drafting skills to create detailed pieces. Jennifer also enjoys enhancing her charcoal drawings with watercolors and pastels to add vibrancy and color to her artwork. She is influenced by masters of chiaroscuro including Caravaggio, Vermeer, and Rembrandt. Her favorite subject matter comes directly from her love of nature and her appreciation of structure. 

Scott Nelson

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Scott Nelson grew up among the orange groves and avocado trees of sunny Southern California. He relocated his family and their life to Pierce County more than 20 years ago, and quickly fell in love with Tacoma. He has one of each of the following: a wife, a grown daughter, a dog, and a cat. All of these important entities graciously allow Scott to steal away as much time as he needs to devote himself to art and photography.


Scott is a multidisciplinary artist using photography, drawing, and constructed assemblage (to name a few). This work most often reflects his fascination with both the natural and manmade world. His goal is to draw the viewer in, to involve them in a visual story, or to invite them to take part in a conversation with his art.

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