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What We Provide To You

The Anxious Tomato alleviates the anxiety felt when trying to connect with other individuals that can bring you and your work value. We connect artists with spaces and spaces looking for art with artists. The Anxious Tomato actively collaborates with venue owners to help provide spaces for artists to show and sell their work. It is our job to make sure that the artist is provided with all the resources necessary to host a successful art show and/ or a stable place for them to consistently sell their work over a determined period of time.

How can we help you?

Paint Brushes

I am an Artist

If you are looking for places to show or sell your work, look no further! The Anxious Tomato can connect you with businesses and galleries in your area that are actively looking for artists to show in their spaces.

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I Own a Business

If you are a business looking to enhance your space by bringing in local art, we can help! Fill out an application and we will find you the right kind of art for your space, on a rotating schedule that works for you 

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I am an Art Supporter

Are you looking for ways to support or be involved in your local art community? The Anxious Tomato can provide you with multiple opportunities on how to get involved.

Additional Resources

These recourses have been sourced and vetted by Active Members of The Anxious Tomato

CritHub - portfolio preparation service the provides constructive critiques for visual artists 

All Editions - manage the provenance for your work and your track collections

Artist Trust: Opportunities -  browse artist calls, grants, residencies, jobs, and other opportunities for all disciplines.

The Artist's Vine -  a community forum where you can share, sell, promote and receive critique on the things you create everyday!

Artwork Archive -  Artwork Archive provides artists, collectors and organizations powerful tools to manage their artwork, career or collection.

WooLoo -  Wooloo connects the resources of more than 40,000 cultural producers from 180+ countries.ay!

Do you have an artistic resource to share?

Tell us about it here

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