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Standard Individual Show


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Once you have paid for your submission return to this page to SUBMIT YOUR WORK



Limited Group Show


Currently Unavailable

The Anxious Tomato Disclaimer: 

-You agree to pay the $5 non-refundable submission fee

-We hold no promise of entry into any of our Online Gallery shows prior to a contractual obligation.

-We will not use or distribute any intellectual property without the express consent of the artist.

-Upon conformation of submission you give us the right to share your work, social media, or any other information we have agreed to share. 

-We recommend that all submitted intellectual property be watermarked. We are not responsible for unwatermarked images. If you need help with watermarking, please reach out. 

-We hold the right to admit or reject any work submitted .

-We guarantee that the decisions to admit or reject work will not be based on the race, sex, color, religion, disability, national origin, or age of the artist.

-This show required a model age verification for all photography works including explicit, lude or graphic material. (We will provide form upon acceptance) 

-Your work will be included in out YouTube channel show for the virtual galley closing reception. 

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