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Karen Johanson
Cyanotype Photography
February 2021
Matt LaCross
Single-Line Ink Drawings
March 2021
Kim Norton
Acrylic Portraits & Landscapes
April 2021
Chris Schneider
S|P|A|C|E|S: A Retrospective
May 2021
Jennifer Moore
Odds & Ends
June 2021
Shawn Kemp
Pure Light
July 2021
Megan Kunst
The Outside, Inside
August 2021
Vic Wade
Epic Abstract Acrylics
September 2021
Fear in Technicolor
The Anxious Tomato Group Show - Fear In Technicolor
October 2021
Chaim and Yonnah Bezalel-Levy
Dying of Romanticism
November 2021
Alice Neiman
December 2021
Stephanie Vondrak
Abstract Acrylic Painting
February 2022
Shiela Laufer
Little Fences, Little Gates
March 2022
StillFire Studios
Tattoo Studio
April 2022
Amy Lewis
Live With Gratitude
July 2022
Sophie Bonomi
Viva La Vida
May 2022
Jeffrey Selachii
The Real
June 2022
Rachel Heimbigner
Oil Painting
October 2022
Joshua Dusina
Digital Art
September 2022
Lori Schember
Acrylic Painting
August 2022
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