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JULY 23RD 2023

The Anxious Tomato is taking submissions for aquatic themed artwork for Art on the Ave located in the 6th Ave Business District. We are accepting all mediums! Submit your pieces 

How To Apply

Thank you for your interest in working with The Anxious Tomato.

Below are the ways you can submit your work .

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Virtual Gallery

Saucy Gala 

Artco Gallery

Individual Entry



These shows are ongoing and have no theme or content restrictions. Artists can submit up to five (5) images for consideration but must produce 10 or more cohesive images for their show once accepted. Art will be on display in the virtual gallery for the duration of the month selected by the artist and approved by the gallery. 

Shows and artist information is stored in our online archive. 

$10 Submission fee

See rules and regulations below. 

Once a year the Anxious Tomato hosts a collaborative group show with a theme.


This year's theme, Juxtaposition, refers to the art of placing two contrasting or opposing elements side by side in order to highlight their differences or similarities. We encourage artists to interpret this theme in their own unique ways, and to experiment with a range of materials, styles, and techniques. We are open to any and all forms of artistic expression, to include dance, music and poetry in addition to traditional medium based artworks.

We are proud to be a partner with Artco Gallery. 

Artco Gallery's space has 5, reposition-able white walls with sizes ranging from 22" up to 70" as well as a 3D/sculpture space. Exhibitions are hosted monthly and are accompanied by a reception.


You can view their calls online. They offer solo art shows, curated group shows and themed shows. 

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locust cider logo (1).jpg

Locust Cider | Tacoma


Locust Cider | Gig Harbor


We are proud to be a partner with Locust Cider Tacoma.

Locust is a public tap room with lots of wall space. We can accommodate lots of different sizes of artwork. The Anxious Tomato hosts a monthly Gallery Night event for the featured artist. Our events include art viewing, pop-up booth and live music. 

You can apply as an artist, vendor or musician.

Free to apply.

We are proud to be a partner with Locust Cider Gig Harbor.

Locust Gig Harbor has space for 6-8 medium to large size  pieces of work. 

This space is amazing with lots of outdoor seating and views into the operations. Art is hung for two months at a time.

You can apply as an artist, vendor or musician.

Free to apply.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rules & Regulations

Information & Expectations

Show Length

Individual Entry

Group Show Entry

One (1) month

Artist Selected

One (1) Month


Post-Show Archived


Submitted work subjected to a selection process once received.

Collaborative Work Allowed

You must be able to produce ten (10) or more images of the same quality as your submitted piece(s).

Submission Requirements

Submission Fee

$10.00 USD

$5.00 USD

Minimum of one (1) high resolution image of your work in .jpg format

File size 1MB or greater

File title must contain the following information: name, medium, dimensions and price.

Title of Artwork_Medium_Dimentions_Price.jpg



If you have decided to submit artwork for one or both of these opportunities, please



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